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Property Brothers can’t repair relationship with Property Dad

TORONTO – With numerous television seasons and countless home sales under their belts, ‘ Jonathan and Drew Scott should be on top of the world. However, there is one major project they simply cannot renovate: their relationship with Property Dad, Henry.

“There’s some serious structural issues here,” said Jonathan, thinking back to his eighth birthday, when his made him and Drew wait outside a bar for hours so he could play a VLT. “Some of the damage goes right down to the foundation.”

Drew however, is more optimistic. “Sure, there isn’t really a ‘wow factor’ here,” he said. “But if we tear down some of these emotional walls, we could create a whole new open concept! I know we can add value here, I know we can!”

Over the years, Drew and Jonathan have made many attempts to win their father’s approval including naming their show after their dad, Henry Property. But Henry seems completely uninterested.

“Apparently his cable package doesn’t include ,” said Drew. “We’ve offered to pay for it, but whenever we bring it up, he just passes the phone to Property Mom.”

“One time, she mentioned he was thinking of getting a gazebo, so we spent the weekend building him one. All he said was ‘It looks decent.’” recalled Jonathan. “And I don’t even want to get into what he said at and Mike Holmes Junior’s father-son picnic.”

“Last year we bought him a house, and he sold it not even a month later. He said he’d rather rent!” said Drew, shaking his head. “I understand he didn’t need all that space, but did he really have to sell it on Flip Or Flop?”

“The effects of having an emotionally distant Property Dad can be devastating.” says family psychologist Ron Marks. “Drew and Jonathan can create an open, functional living space for every family but their own.”

According to producer Michelle Carter, the turmoil is beginning to affect their work. “We found asbestos in a house last week, but Jonathan kept working.” she explained. “When Drew tried to stop him, he screamed ‘No, this is what he wants! Am I tough enough now, Daddy? Am I tough enough?’ Drew slapped him and told him to get it together, then they cried in each other’s arms while the homeowners watched. It was weird.”

“I don’t want to talk about that,” said Jonathan, “But I do want to talk about the new season of Property Brothers: Brother VS Brother! Our new show where Drew and I compete – for our father’s attention!”

Henry Property declined our request for an interview.