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Loose cannon health inspector asked to hand in his digital thermometer

CAMROSE, AB – A renegade inspector who is known for bending the rules to get the bottom of his cases has been asked to hand in his badge and digital thermometer by his superiors.

“You’re out of control, Adamo!” yelled Chief Public Anthony Jin to Inspector Mike Adamo in his office. “First, I had to deal with how you roughed up that sushi restaurant during that salmonella outbreak investigation! And, sure, you may have got it right about the chicken, but you didn’t have to tear up the place!”

Adamo tried to defend himself against his unorthodox approach to enforcing the Public Health Act.

“The owners of that place were well-known temperature abusers and I–”

“I don’t want to hear it!” interrupted the Chief. “I haven’t forgotten about your unauthorized undercover work as a hippy to infiltrate that commune that was trying to sell raw milk.”

“But that was the only way I could bust them, Chief!”

“And now I hear that you broke into some public housing units to test for radon? You’re way out of line, Adamo! That’s not even our jurisdiction! Once the Director of Environmental Health hears about this, he’s going to have my ass on a well-sanitized platter.”

Adamo’s partner, Inspector Becky Pickford, says that the public servant with a history of doing things his way is a workaholic who doesn’t have a family other than his job.

“He’s issued over 400 fines, and not one of them was overturned; a perfect record,” Pickford explained of her colleague’s unpredictable, get-things-food-safe record. “I saw that man dive deep into public swimming pools just to get the right fecal-coliform/e.Coli sample. He’s nuts and he’s the best in the office.”

As he stormed out of the Chief’s office, Adamo yelled “You may have my badge and thermometer, but you can’t keep me away from those taco trucks forever!”

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