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Canadian tourist causes chaos after replying “I’m good” to yes or no question

CAPE TOWN, SA – A Canadian visiting South Africa has caused chaos by giving a polite, yet vague, non-answer to a question asked by a server at a local restaurant.

The incident began shortly before 6 PM local time at Pachas Bar and Grill in Cape Town when Mark Hyman from Guelph, Ontario, was asked if he wanted another pint of a local beer by a waitress.

“I’m good,” said Hyman putting his hand near his empty glass assuming that his puzzling, overly-polite response was universally understood.

23-year-old waitress Carrie van Zyl paused in an effort to comprehend what the Canadian meant.

“So…yes?” asked a confused van Zyl.

“Oh, I’m fine, thanks,” Hyman attempted to clarify with another ambiguous phrase that was more about the state of his well-being rather than whether he wanted another round of Devils Peak IPA.

At press time, Hyman was consuming his fourth beer he never wanted in the first place, but was too polite to make himself understood.

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