Typical centrist: Emmanuel Macron is already trying to build pipelines in BC - The Beaverton

Typical centrist: Emmanuel Macron is already trying to build pipelines in BC

Well that didn’t take long.

Just weeks after getting elected President of France, politician and, duh, former banker has been spotted in the interior of BC, burying lengths of steel pipe in the desert.

Sorry France, but what did you expect from your centrist candidate?

Even after talking a good game on the environment, sources say the moment he took office, Macron used his newfound power to acquire a shovel and a one-way plane ticket to Kelowna.

Yikes. So much for the lesser of two evils.

Say what you will about , but her platform was pretty clear on not digging the rocky soil of British Columbia until her shovel broke, and then continuing with bare hands until her fingernails splintered and snapped off, leaving tattered bloody nubs.

“Why isn’t he ruining the environment in France?” said one newspaper. “Classic globalist.”

Oh, and if you thought fake progressive was going to condemn this, then think again.

“The livelihoods of four million Albertans depend on getting oil to tidewater, and a is the safest, most environmentally friendly way to do that,” said , at a town hall meeting. “But I have to say, I’m scared and disturbed by Monsieur Macron’s continued, frenzied attempts to get this done alone, striving in the dirt with his ruined hands, and now his teeth, like a huge, wild-eyed naked mole rat.”

Thanks, JT, I’m sure that’s exactly what Canadians wanted to hear.

Well there you have it, guys. Next time, maybe think about voting with your conscience instead.