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Heartwarming! This grown man was moved to tears by sponsored content

It finally happened!

Despite putting up a tough, masculine exterior for years, this fully grown adult man was not only able to let down his guard, but he was able to weep openly after watching poignant piece of in his Facebook news feed.

“At first I didn’t know what it was,” said Terrance R. Johnstone, a 32-year-old sales representative.

“It started with a child’s toy, then you see the kid grow up. Then it was like it touched a part deep inside of me, a forgotten memory of a time innocent and carefree. I’m getting emotional just thinking about universal life insurance with guaranteed dividends.”

Soon the were streaming down Johnstone’s face while he tried to finish his breakfast burrito and coffee before getting off the bus.

Wow! Such impressive emotional manipulation on the part of the creative team behind the video! This is the same man who says he didn’t even cry during his father’s funeral!

Johnstone came across the paid longform advertisement that was designed to be virally shared earlier this morning, which was so effective, security footage confirmed that he opened his heart and bawled for three city blocks on his commute! By Johnstone’s own account, the branded video for an insurance company made a profound impact, causing him to well up with emotion upon encountering subtle reminders of it throughout the day.

That’s some well crafted sponsored content!

“I was in the lunchroom chatting with Terry,” said colleague Vanessa Rhodes. “When I mentioned off hand that I had questions about the investment returns on a universal policy as opposed to an indexed ETF, I could see him stare off wistfully into the distance as emotion slowly overtook him”

We should all be so lucky!

So remember, make sure you do yourself a favour and click on sponsored items, because, you never know, it may be so good that it makes you sob uncontrollably.

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