Bird stuck in airport unaware of ironic art it’s inspiring - The Beaverton

Bird stuck in airport unaware of ironic art it’s inspiring

TORONTO – A white-throated sparrow that had the misfortune of flying into the Toronto Pearson has become the muse of many terrible artists within the terminal.

“It’s like a metaphor,” crooned first year OCAD Zach Goulem, “This beautiful little animal that has the gift of flight is trapped by this metal human transitory prison. Sometimes I feel like we’re all this bird, ya know?”

Goulem had begun sketching the sparrow on a napkin atop his traveller’s copy of Infinite Jest, when he paused to write some lines of poetry on the Notes app on his iPhone.

“How do you like this,” Goulem cleared his throat, “You are a bird / I am a man / Your flight has been delayed by your small body being unrecognizable to the automatic door sensors / My flight? / Delayed by greed / Delayed by capitalistic creed / Delayed by Air Canada overbooking its planes.”

Upon being informed that several thousand people on Twitter had already made a similar observation, Goulem became quite defensive asking if any of those people has the “courage” to show their art in a rented gallery to a dozen people.

As he made his way towards security, Goulem was seen stopping to snap a hyper-zoomed blurry pic of his feet.