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Inspiring! Read the tweets that brought down Mussolini

We can all agree that when history looks back at times of political unrest it is comedians, and not philosophers or political leaders that are remembered. Many might argue that it was armed resistance, political protest and economic pressures that brought down dictator Benito Mussolini but those people haven’t read the pithy political put downs coming out of fascist Italy.


OUCH! This putdown was almost as cutting as the knives used to murder Giacomo Matteotti when he questioned the results of the 1924 election. Instead of joining those, such as Giacomo Matteotti, trying to combat the dismantling of Italian democracy true heroes anonymously made fun of Mussolini to a small, like minded audience.


You will NEVER believe what this person said about Mussolini! Cleverly pointing out the similarity between Douche and Duce, this tweet burns almost as much as the Royal Italian Air Force chemical warfare attacks against the Bedouin in Libya.


This metaphor humorously yet effectively illustrated why the fascists domestic policy did not outweigh their human rights abuses and war mongering. Many historians agree that this tweet is what inspired thousands of Italians to refuse fight alongside the Nazis.


As the presence and power of German forces in Italy increased many Italians started to realise that Mussolini had become little more than a puppet of Hitler. While many partisans lost their lives taking up arms this brave person took up an anonymous screen name to lob this incendiary insult. In accusing Mussolini of having a wife that was enjoying sexual experiences outside of her traditional marriage @Simitititi ROASTED Mussolini and landed the blow the drove the dictator out of Rome and into the North of Italy.


Although it was ultimately communist partisans who captured and executed Mussolini, it was this clever tweet, comparing Mussolini appearance to that of a sad walrus (as opposed to a more joyous, vital looking walrus) that ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED the dictator.

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