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NDP leadership candidates come dangerously close to having a debate

MONTREAL — The four candidates vying for the leadership of the federal nearly came to a disagreement on party policy or qualifications causing what many consider to be a debate.

Political analysts predicted that a slight difference of opinions and supporting arguments for said opinions could occur in the debate on youth issues causing needless tension between leadership candidates.

“Guaranteed Basic Income is an excellent idea,” said in response to a previous comment. “But we need free post-secondary education in this country too.”

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to agree with you,” remarked BC MP rebutting no one.

As Manitoba MP was stressing the importance of funding indigenous students, the three other leadership hopefuls nodded their heads almost competitively to let those who were watching the debate know that they fully supported the policy.

Trying to make himself stand out without getting noticed, Quebec MP said that he respectfully agrees with his three colleagues that marijuana should be legalized promptly to prevent opioid deaths.

When a question about a candidate’s preferred pizza topping came up, audience members gasped in anticipation of a potential disagreement, but were disappointed to hear that all candidates had once again agreed.

“I also support having a vegan option for all pizzas,” said Julian agreeing with Ashton. “But let’s not forget about having a gluten-free crust option for those who need it.”

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