Doctors: cutting out caffeine offers great benefits to superiority complex

A recent meta-analysis of studies related to has led doctors to conclude that giving up can provide a healthy boost to a weakening complex.

However, the correlation was only found in subjects who mentioned their “caffeine detox” constantly and referred to it as a “caffeine detox”.

Doctor Ewer, one of the researchers involved in the meta-analysis, stated that one can enhance the effect on the superiority complex by looking down on those who continue to consume caffeine.

Ewer suggested saying things like “caffeine is more addictive than heroin,” to coworkers sipping and making a “yikes” face any time someone gets up for a cup.

“You can double the benefits if you remind tea-drinkers that tea leaves actually contain more caffeine than coffee beans,” explained Dr. Ewer.

Ewer said that patients who are serious about exercising their superiority complex should also try juice cleanses and not owning a TV.


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