Professor’s clever trick question on exam prevents 14 students from attending law school

MONTREAL – Speaking to his stunned class two weeks after their midterm, Dr. Emile Hastings revealed that one of the seemingly simple questions on the test was actually a fun little trick, thus ruining the law school chances of 14 .

“See, question 8 actually has a double negative,” said the smug Dr. Hastings, as nearly 15 students realized they’d wasted the last three years of their lives. “I know this isn’t an English course but you all really should pay closer attention. Almost everyone got zero on that question.”

“Just think of it as a life lesson.”

Despite the fact that he’s destroyed the hopes and dreams of hundreds of stressed out and overworked students, Dr. Hastings says he likes to think of himself as the “fun” . It’s why he makes sure that each of his contains one little joke question.

“Constantly being evaluated on your understanding of the material can get boring. That’s why I always add a question that the textbook you’ve been studying for the last 96 hours can’t help you answer,” said Dr. Hastings, drawing a huge red ‘X’ on the essay of a prospective med school student. “What can I say? I just want to keep things light!”

At press time, Dr. Hastings was putting little sad-face stickers on all the tests marked “F”.

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