Local woman smashes 39 wine glasses on faucet while washing dishes - The Beaverton

Local woman smashes 39 wine glasses on faucet while washing dishes

MONTREAL — It was a scene of total carnage on Friday night after local woman Natasha Campbell shattered 39 glasses in a row on the faucet while attempting to wash them carefully.

The sound of a stainless steel faucet ripping through over 30 wine glasses began around 11pm, when Campbell decided it would be polite to discreetly help with the after a friend’s relaxing dinner party. One by one, each of the host’s wine glasses were obliterated, leaving nothing but a sink full of shards.

Reached for comment, the evening’s host said “I thought the first broken wine glass was just a mistake, and the second a terrible coincidence, but watching Natasha delicately rinse the last remnants of soap out of my wine glasses only to brutally crush them like so many dead leaves underfoot? That’s been… hard to overcome.”

Campbell maintains that her intention was simply to wash the glasses and return them to the cupboard intact, but she lost control quickly. When asked for a statement, a subtly Merlot-drunk Campbell responded: “They’re just like super delicate and sometimes you can wash them no problem and other times you destroy $400 of glassware.”

At press time, Campbell was only allowed to drink out of sturdy mugs at dinner parties.