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Whistler named most livable city in Australia

, BC – Canadian resort town Whistler was recently named the most livable city in beating out several other prominent Australian cities in a poll conducted by the publication The Australian.   

Whistler Mayor Nancy Wilhelm Morden was overjoyed by the city’s achievement indicating that it was about time Whistler got its due. In an interview this morning, Morden stated, “People think great Australian cities and they think Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, maybe Canberra if they’re really desperate. But nobody ever thinks of Whistler, which is surprising considering that three quarters of all Australians call Whistler home.”

Morden explained that Whistler, despite being relatively new to the Australian Union, is a melting pot of Australian values. “From cashed-up bogans to regular bogans, Whistler truly represents everything that Australia has to offer,” she proudly concluded.

Other Australian leaders were also pleased to see Whistler finally recognized as a great Australian city and a fount of Australian culture.

Australian Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull congratulated Whistler on its achievement noting that, “Good, solid Australian values like homophobia, xenophobia, getting hammered, and a blatant disregard for speaking at a respectable volume are on display every day in Whistler.”

Residents of Whistler were not surprised by the news. Former resident of Roxby Downs and current resident of Whistler, Bruce Mason Smith explained, “The other Australian cities are great, but ultimately nothing says Australia like a snow-covered mountain, a delicious beaver-tail, the temperate rainforest of the Pacific Northwest, and a cold $15 Kokanee beer. I mean, that’s what Australia is all about.”