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New roommate apparently into banjo

– Having only recently moved into an apartment near University, second year Geography student Natasha Ingersoll has been distressed to discover that her new is apparently into .

“She just walked in with the banjo like it was nothing,” Ingersoll said of Tiffany Howard, a first year music student with aspirations of headlining at the Central Canadian Festival, “I asked if I could help move anything into the apartment and she handed me milk crates full of banjo music and a bunch of finger picks”

The two girls have already paid first and last months’ rent on the small and very poorly soundproofed apartment. While both are trying to maintain a positive atmosphere, there have already been some disagreements about decoration: “I thought the banjo was some kind of hipster-deco thing, so I suggested we hang it up in the kitchen, but it turns out she actually plays the thing. I had to sit there while she played her double-time rendition of Cotton Eye Joe”

Howard recently tried to break the ice by holding a movie night, but her choice of ‘O Brother Where Art Thou’ has not been a success. Ingersoll, meanwhile, is nearing the end of her tether: “There was a glimmer of hope when she told me how much she loves Steve Martin’s work, but then it turned out she had no idea he was a comedian. I swear if she doesn’t show evidence of a second interest soon, I’ll tell her exactly where she can put her Deering John Hartford Five-String. I’ll teach her the meaning of constant sorrow”.

At press time Howard had begun playing the tune from Deliverance.