Pride Parade joins Justin Trudeau's walk down street - The Beaverton

Pride Parade joins Justin Trudeau’s walk down street

TORONTO – Prime Minister and National Treasure was accompanied by Canada’s largest Parade as he casually strolled down Yonge Street this past Sunday.

“OM Fucking G; it’s Justin!” said Pride executive director, Mathieu Chantelois. “Forget about our little thing, he’s Obama’s bestie.”

Justin was happy to have the company as he shook people’s hands and window shopped along Yonge street.

“Gay, straight, trans, Tony Clement, It’s all the same to me”, remarked Trudeau before posing for a selfie with a trembling millennial that identified himself as Liberal-curious.

“I came in from Alberta when we heard he’d be here” admitted Maria. “And someone just told me it’s Pride, that’s great too. Wait, I see him now. Justin, show us your socially progressive policies!”

Trudeau’s walk seemed to match up with the Parade’s route perfectly, which organizers had to confess was, “not completely coincidental”.

“Yes, the fight to express ourselves has been hard fought. And yes, we are still fighting to have the basic right to safety and respect. But when that man starts walking, you stop and look.”