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Brexit aftermath: Norman immigrant harassed on bus

NORWICH, UK – A video of a man harassing a Norman immigrant on a bus has gone viral as part of a rise in xenophobic incidents following the UK’s vote to leave the .

“You fucking immigrant! Leave! We don’t want you here!” says a man in a video posted on Twitter to 28th generation Norman immigrant David Bellamy.

In the video Bellamy first tries to ignore the man as he edges closer and screams “go back across the Channel where you came from!” The man seems to desist for a moment, but starts yelling at Bellamy again as he answers his phone. “Oh yeah, you just keep jabbering on in your funny little accent. You’re the devil! What, you talking to a court, huh? Probably instituting a census aren’t you? Barbaric fuck. We don’t need your trial by jury or your coinage.”

“My family migrated here to escape the plague, with the dream that if they worked hard maybe one day their children could join the landed gentry,” begged the 28 year old Bellamy trying to stop his harassment. “At least, I think. I don’t know.”

The video then shows repeated attempts by the bus driver to calm down the situation, but Bellamy decides to get off the bus anyway. As he leaves, his assailant can be heard screaming “Go home! Drink some calvados! Eat your brie! You disgust me! You’re lucky I don’t work for immigration!”

At press time, supporters were telling those of Visigoths descent to go back to Germany.