Mass shooting in _________, USA kills ___ - The Beaverton

Mass shooting in _________, USA kills ___

__________, USA — Up to ___ people were killed and ____ more injured after a gunman opened fire at a ________.

There were conflicting reports about casualties, but _______ from _______County Sheriff Department said the number is at __.

“I heard a popping sound and screaming,” said _________, a _________ at the __________. “And that’s when we all got down. There was ______ everywhere.”

The shooter’s motive was reported to be ________________.

Citizens of _______ were ______ and ______ to hear that something like this could happen in their community.

President _______ and Governor _______ had their _______ and _______ with the victims and their families.

____________________________________________________ gun control ___________________.

The NRA released a statement stating it __________with the victims, but _________ Second Amendment rights and _______________.