'Insure' or 'ensure' makes citizens unsure - The Beaverton

‘Insure’ or ‘ensure’ makes citizens unsure

— An advisory sign use of ‘insure’ instead of ‘ensure’ has made citizens unsure and increasingly insecure.

“At first I was cocksure it was ‘insure’ before the city decided to procure,” said Larry Lure, a part time entrepreneur. “‘Ensure’ seems too obscure reserved for police of haute couture.”

However, Nancy LeFleur, English teacher on tour from Kuala Lumpur, thinks the fixture located near the legislature looks like manure.

“Let me assure the use of ‘insure’ is merely conjecture. Just look at this grammar brochure on English language procedure. It’s quite clearly ‘ensure.’”

Ultimately, the city will decide whether to censure or endure this grammatical misadventure.

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