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Ontario to lower debt by selling Windsor on Kijiji

Queen’s Park – On the heels of S&P’s reduction of Ontario’s credit score, the Liberal Government announced an intention to earn some extra cash by selling the city of and its 211,000 residents on .

“In the wake of our government’s expensive commitments to infrastructure investment in Toronto and Ottawa, we realized we needed an extra few billion this month to pay the bills,” said Premier . “And given that we already had London and Sarnia, it seemed unnecessary to keep Windsor too.”

“It was just sitting around anyway, not really being used by anybody,” she added.

The ad advises potential customers that Windsor is in “not bad condition,” and “could easily be fixed up with a little TLC.” It also recommends potential buyers check out the product during the day, unless they were interested in buying or selling cocaine.

The price was listed at $5,000,000,000.00 or best offer.

At press time Michigan was offering to throw in the city of for free with the purchase of any Ford car.