Canadians caught stealing American Netflix to be punished with 3-year Bell contract

OTTAWA — At the Canadian Telecom Summit on Friday, the announced new laws that will punish Canadians illegally accessing American with a restrictive 3-year TV+Internet+Home Phone bundle package.

When asked how this contract will punish abusers, a representative of the CRTC explained, “Now Canadians who use VPNs to break copyright laws will suffer Bell’s spotty internet quality, the uselessness of having a home phone in the cell phone era and the hundreds of unwatched channels included with a classic television bundle package.”

In a test application of the law, a Pembroke man was given the choice between taking the bundled package and jail time.

“The prosecution gave me the option of a 3-year contract with Bell or 60 days in jail. In the end, I chose the 3-year contract.” said the man.

“Twenty days in and I’m already starting to regret my decision,” he added as he flipped through several separate channels showing .

The new laws may still be evolving. An anonymous source at the CRTC has suggested that repeat offenders could face a forced subscription to Bell’s online streaming service, .

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