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Top 10 Saskatchewan hockey rinks to take a piss in

Now that season is starting to come to an end, and spring has almost sprung, it’s time for The Beaverton’s annual review of the best hockey rinks we pissed in this year.

  1. Estevan – This is the bathroom where the legendary hockey dad fight took place, between Murray Baldwin of Estevan and Gary Brooks of Weyburn. The winner of the fight is still debated to this day (even though we all know Murray’s a bit of a dick).
  2. Prince Albert – You can piss where Johnny Bower regularly pissed 73 years ago.
  3. Arcola – Classic. Trough. System. Even in the ladies.
  4. Yorkton – The hand dryer blows harder than the Melville Millionaires.
  5. Melville – You’ll be amazed how quickly the water goes down the drain, much like the Yorkton Terriers this season.
  6. Watson – Someone usually forgets a half empty bottle of beer on the stall. So you can probably get a little buzz on for free.
  7. Alameda – They mounted cups on the urinal so you can spit your chewing tobacco into it.
  8. Esterhazy – They got “Fast Orange” in the friggin” soap dispenser bud!
  9. Wilcox – The guy next to you always has a great story about his snowmobile.
  10. Porcupine Plain – Everything in it had the Roughrider logo on it. Except the toilet paper which has the Blue Bombers logo

Plus! A bonus selection for those of you who like more of a classic vibe:

Konistino – You gotta see the graffiti in the right stall. I can’t tell you what it says, but man is it worth it.

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