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New ‘Q’ host’s first interview will be all his former sexual partners

TORONTO – After announcing that hip hop artist will be the new host for ‘Q’, the CBC has confirmed that his first interview will be every person with whom he has any sort of sexual history.

“Personally, I thought I should interview a Canadian icon on the first episode. Someone like , or ,” said Shad. “But CBC was like ‘hey, how about we try something original and cool?’ Fair enough, that is what Q is known for doing.”

The CBC statement also said that listeners can expect an exciting first episode, with Shad asking hard-hitting questions like “will you please confirm that our relationship was entirely consensual and that that consent was informed?” and offering fun, accurate definitions for words like “consent” and “informed”.

“Despite this strange first interview, I’m extremely excited about this opportunity,” said Shad. “Everyone is being so supportive! All the women in the office are saying I’m already the best host this show has ever had.”

The CBC has also offered their congratulations to Shad, stating that they’re thrilled to finally have a relevant Canadian artist in charge.