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Montreal’s Club Supersexe offers childcare program for employees, clients

MONTREAL – One of Montreal’s most acclaimed strip clubs is offering its dancers and clients free childcare inside the club.

The new daycare – available for children twelve and under – is located on the top floor between two burlesque poles. The kids zone is supervised by a two large bouncers and serviced by waitresses who regularly serve milk, juice and a healthy snack.

“Here at Club Supersexe, we’re not just ‘adult only’” said Rocco Madelina, the club’s manager. “A lot of our girls and customers have children to take care of and it’s difficult to find daycare spaces. So, I thought why not here?”

Employees are very enthusiastic for the new accommodation.

“I’m a single mother, so I’m always busy,” said a topless adult entertainer Mandy “Ruby Queen” Rochester, mother of five year old Aden. “This new daycare thing is great. I don’t have to worry when I have a private dance knowing he’s being watched. It’s wonderful that I can see my kid while I―” Rochester noticed her son in the playpen playing with plastic shot glasses. “Oh, hi hunny!”

Clients are also happy to hear about the club’s more child-friendly policy.

“My wife was always telling me when I go out to ‘take the kids! take the kids!’” said Steve DeRochie a construction worker and father of two young children. “Now, with this new kids zone, I can be entertained while spending more quality time with my children.”