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Local man bored to death by euthanasia debate

VANCOUVER – Mark Wilson is so tired of ’s assisted suicide debate that he’s now asking for the option to end his life to prevent hearing about the subject ever again.

“When the issue of first came up, I was excited,” said the unemployed 27 year-old. “I would have killed to get a job in the assisted suicide sector. Then the legal challenges slowed everything down.”

“I thought this was settled by the B.C. in June, but then they gave legislators a year to legalize doctor-assisted suicide and now we have to wait for the Canadian ,” Wilson explained, his voice filled with ennui. “Like life, the court cases, seem unending.”

The whole debacle has left Wilson disillusioned with politics altogether.

“It’s all just futile,” he sighed, as he propped his eyes open with toothpicks. “They may not want legalize euthanasia but they’re sure killing me.”