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Nintendo president runs out of lives but sets new high score

KYOTO – After a thrilling eighty five levels that saw him collect 2.1 billion gold coins, former president Hiroshi Yamauchi has run out of lives and been sent back to the main menu.

Gamers fondly recalled hanging out on the couch decades ago and watching as the Japanese entrepreneur decided to skip the tutorial and start on the highest difficulty; taking over his great grandfather’s playing card company with no managerial experience.

While the beginning had a lot of button-mashing as Yamauchi learned the controls of his new company, it soon became obvious that “he was going to pwn the competition” as one former coworker put it.

On level 54, Yamauchi managed to unlock a secret electronic gaming level that would quadruple the amount of points he had already earned and allowed him to level up his company with the ‘innovation’ perk, quickly earning the ‘Help Create New Industry’ achievement.

After pressing B once he reached the later levels, he was able to perform the powerful baseball ownership combo, unlocking the ‘Japanese baseball players’ easter egg.

As of press time, no gamer has managed to get past the final boss of Mortality.