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NHL14 video game has Toronto Maple Leaf ‘collapse’ cheat code

TORONTO – The famous Toronto Maple Leaf collapse during last year’s playoffs has now been immortalized with a cheat code in EA Sport’s 14.

“I was frustrated,” said Frank Gannon, 39, sitting in the basement of his parent’s house, playing his PlayStation 3.

“I slammed the buttons, and then the pucks just started going in. It was amazing, I could shoot from anywhere!”

Gannon was playing Boston versus Toronto in playoff series mode. When trailing by 3 goals with 8 minutes to go in game 7 Gannon pressed triangle, circle, R2 and L2 at the same time out of frustration. Then the goals began to flood the net. Toronto defensemen are unable to clear the puck out of their zone, the goalie fumbles the puck, and all faceoffs are lost.

This series of button movements works for any team playing against the Leafs in the playoffs.

“I tried it with many other teams, deliberately going down by three, and it worked every time,” said Gannon with a smile on his face.

“It was true to life. And as a Habs fan I loved it. It’s like playing with Carey Price in net!”