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Elevator mechanics strike causes city wide outbreak of sitcom premise

VANCOUVER – The recently resolved strike of all elevator mechanics and repairmen caused a rash of tired sitcom tropes and recycled plot lines to break out across the city.

“I was stuck in an elevator in One Wall Centre for 2 hours,” said financial planner Aziz Ahmed, “and sure enough this woman on the elevator starts going into labour and I had to deliver the baby.”

“It doesn’t make any sense, she was fine when we got on, then the elevator stops, she says ‘oh’ and grabs her stomach, and then within like 22 minutes I’m literally pulling a baby out of her,” he added.

Ahmed did acknowledge that the event had caused his girlfriend Brenda to realize he can be a mature and responsible person, which had been the source of a fight between them that very morning.

Jason Kucherawy was stuck on an elevator in the Yaletown area along with 4 of his closest friends.

“It was pretty intense, because two of us have been dating for awhile, and two have been in a kind of ‘will they or won’t they’ holding period. By the time they rescued us, the couple had broken up and the other two had shared their first kiss in the corner opposite the one where we all peed.”

Kucherawy went on to say, “it was a pretty emotional episode, fortunately broken up by my zany attempts to escape the broken down elevator!”

Kucherawy’s troubles seemed light in comparison to Brook Jensen however, who was stuck for an entire day with a family travelling to the city from out of town.

“They just sat around talking about previous adventures and funny events that had taken place, and then staring off into space as if they were all watching it happen!”

Fortunately, Jensen was released just in time to host a dinner party for her boss and his wife, who she was trying to impress in order to get a big promotion at work, and two men she was dating at the same time, though they didn’t know about each other.

“I’m sure nothing will go wrong there!” Jensen said