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Halo 4 giving gamer Call of Duty flashbacks

MANNING, AB – After sitting down to enjoy his recently purchased copy of 4, local gamer Lucas Bordfeld began experiencing flashbacks to his days of game-play on the more realistic first-person shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops.

“I thought I’d left that game behind me,” said a visibly shaken Bordfeld. “I mean, it’s been two years since I lent that game to Jeff.”

The first flashback occurred while mounting a hill in an early level after a confrontation with Halo 4’s fictional aliens. After killing several of the aliens, Lucas paused the game because his hands wouldn’t stop shaking.

“All my friends I left in the dirt back in virtual Russia, their screen names flashing before my eyes: dickbutt69, xXChristRisenXx, hitlerhitler… I guess I thought I could outrun my own memory, but they were still there, sharp and clear as ever. Seriously, that game had great graphics for the time.”

As with many “Call” vets, Lucas turned to self-medication to avoid his problems after his return from the den. Within a few months, he was drinking entire bottles of Mountain Dew just to stop being paralyzed by fear every time he walked by an arcade.

Bordfeld’s ex-wife, Alexis Dantley, said Lucas has been a different person ever since returning from Call of Duty. “It took hours for him to fall asleep and even when he did he’d mutter about ‘frag grenades’, ‘head-shots’ and ‘save points’. After a while I just couldn’t take it anymore. I think I still love him, though. Or at least I loved the man I watched go to [simulated] war.”