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Local couple still find time to fight after all these years

GUELPH, ON – Despite their busy schedules at a local law firm, Jan Dirtz and Dan Dirtz, married 16 years, still make time to fight with each other whenever they can.

“To keep the spark in our , we’re always looking for ways to fit more fighting into our hectic lives when the kids aren’t around,” Jan Dirtz said. “After dropping off the kids at school, we pull over on this cute little cul-de-sac just across from the school and hash it out for a couple of minutes. It’s just the most perfect spot to fight, such a peaceful little street.”

The Dirtzes say the care they take to schedule their spats frees them to touch on any number of topics, ranging from debates about the costs and benefits of taking out a second mortgage, to heated accusations regarding suspected contact with high school exes.

Added Jan Dirtz: “This is the only time the kids aren’t around, and so we don’t have to worry about dropping the F-bomb or degrading each other in front of impressionable young minds. I can be harsh on Dan, and I wouldn’t want my daughter growing up to hate all men.”

Dan Dirtz, however, expressed concern with the arrangement: “They’re replacing the street’s sewer system next week, so we won’t be able to park there anymore. We might have to find a new place to fight. I’m worried this could put a strain on our relationship.”