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BC Parks to improve campsite reservation system by partnering with Ticketmaster

– In a bid to improve their online campsite reservation system, Parks has announced a new partnership with globally-beloved platform .

According to BC Parks spokesperson Dinesh McBride, the partnership was born out of a desire to address user pain points by tapping into the of the Ticketmaster experience. “We understand the best part of is logging onto our website at the crack of dawn, waiting for hours in an online queue, and then finding all of the spots already taken. No one is better at this than Ticketmaster,” says McBride.

According to BC Parks, one highly anticipated feature of the Ticketmaster collaboration is the new “Early Access Pass” Campers who subscribe to the pass for $189/month will receive an Early Access code in the mail, which will unlock a VIP mailing list of a particular BC park. Campers will then need to check their emails frequently for the coordinates to a geocache in Haida Gwaii, fistfight rival campers to retrieve another code from the geocache, and then use that code to unlock the phone number of a scalper who can sell them a campsite at a markup.

BC Parks says fans who failed to nab tickets for the Eras tour can look forward to an exclusive offer as part of the partnership with Ticketmaster. “For campers who missed out on Taylor this year, you’re in luck,” says McBride. “Use the code MIDNIGHTS to access our special standing-room only campsite presale. For only $599 a night, you can have the exhilarating experience of crowding inside a single campsite with hundreds of Swifties just like you.”

Some British Columbians are excited to see the partnership take effect. “Before, the only thing that ever worked to successfully nab a campsite was to perform a ritualistic sacrifice,” says Hazel Yoon, resident of Nanaimo. “I’ll still need to do those, but now I get to pay a convenience fee, too.”

Should the Ticketmaster partnership fail to improve user satisfaction, BC Parks says it will escalate efforts by collaborating with an understaffed Tim Hortons in a hospital cafeteria.