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“Fair Enough,” says boyfriend definitely listening

, ON – “Fair Enough,” responded local boyfriend Shaun Wright, after noticing a pause in his girlfriend’s mumblings, which he assumed to be the end of her story.

The exchange took place this recent Friday evening, following a hectic workweek which Wright’s girlfriend, Rebecca Jones, 32, was no doubt telling him about. Between his job as a software engineer and finishing Elden Ring on PlayStation 5, Wright claims to be “really busy”, which he believes justifies him recently and frequently tuning out the love of his life.

Jones, for her part, seems to be oblivious to this and claims, “I’m not used to guys letting me rant and get my grievances out because they move straight to solutions, which is why I like Shaun. He listens to what I’m saying and lets me vent.”

Wright, who is known to chime into his work conference calls with statements like, “It’s all about finding the right balance” and “we just need to take it one step at a time”, claims that this ultimate conversation tool isn’t entirely foolproof.

“You end up in situations you didn’t realize you said yes to, like attending a wedding or someone to the airport.” Wright notes, “And one time I definitely thought the jig was over when I responded with ‘fair enough’ to a story about her getting fired, but that’s just the risks you take.”

According to sources, Wright and Jones appear quite happy with one another, and are planning a June wedding.

In a related story, Jones’ recent moans during intercourse with Wright were reportedly “definite evidence of her orgasming”