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Video game boss needs you to come in over weekend to finish bonus level

WORLD OF TERRAVAST Emperor Berros, the great axe-wielding minotaur found at the center of the Labyrinth of Agony, announced today that he “was going to need you to log-in Saturday to complete a company vital side quest”.

Sidling up to your player character’s desk at approximately 4:35pm Friday, the enormous bull-headed office manager deposited the red blinking quest marker on top of a pile of currently active quests. 

Cycling through his idle animations, Berros reassured your character that the mission was “completely optional” and you could “just get to it whenever.” But, quickly also undercut himself by saying that if the quest wasn’t completed by Sunday, it would automatically fail and lower your reputation with the management guild. 

The side quest, while not particularly difficult, will take about 8-hours of playtime to finish and consists mostly of escorting your non-playable co-workers across the map while avoiding traps, monsters, and Greg from finance trapping you in a dialogue tree about his wife’s new enchanted jewelry-making business. 

“Completing this quest will give you a lot of real world experience, which is great because we can’t offer you any actual experience points.”, he quipped, laughing at his own joke.

According to the Terravast Wikia, while completing the arduous task awards no gold, rare items or dental insurance, players can expect a loot box of doughnuts to spawn in the break room later on. Furthermore, the guide elaborated that while the quest was technically optional, declining it would effectively lock you out of a future quest line where you afford this month’s rent on the one-room hut you share with two bards.

At press time, developers were hard at work patching a game-breaking bug causing Berros to immediately become hostile and attack the player if they entered his maze-office with a vacation request in their inventory.