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Maxime Bernier emerges as this season’s shady bitch who loves drama

OTTAWA – In response to an official tweet from Global Affairs Canada praising Canada’s first ever contestant on RuPaul’s Race, People’s Party leader posted a message comparing drag to blackface, thus cementing her status as this season’s shadiest bitch who is here to stir up drama.

The tweet, posted while hot glueing together her party platform in the workroom, claimed that demonizing white people who wear dreadlocks or used blackface while celebrating men who dress as women was “Government-sponsored leftist logic”. The tweet was immediately followed by a perfectly timed sound cue.

“This is the first time in Canadian political Herstory that there will be this many queens vying for the crown,” explains political pundit Miss Margaret Queefenbaker. “We already have Trudeau, the pageant queen; Singh, the fashion queen; May, the comedy queen; and Scheer, the fishy girl. Oh, and Yves-François Blanchet I guess, but nobody’s heard of her.” Queefenbaker believes that “the fact that it’s such a fierce competition this season means Bernier needs to capture the audience’s attention by doing something for the cameras, and good God girl, did she get messy with this tweet.”

Bernier has defended the tweet, insisting “All I’m saying is that just because people who are familiar with the history of both drag and blackface understand how wildly different the meaning and impact of those two things are doesn’t mean that they don’t still sound the same to somebody as basic as me. Okurrrrrr!”

The buzz around Bernier’s shady-ass nonsense tweet appears to have encouraged her to throw more . In a message directed at rival queen Singh, Bernier scrawled in lipstick on a mirror “Girl, look how orange you fucking look, girl!” and told Trudeau that the judges only care about her looks because she “looks like Linda Evangelista”.