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Girl celebrating Father’s Day by dismantling the patriarchy

KITCHENER, ON — Following a lengthy deliberation process, Julia Trent, 15, has officially announced that she is celebrating Father’s Day this year by dismantling the .

“At first I thought we’d go to Jack Astor’s with my family, the way we always celebrate Father’s Day,” explained Trent. “However then I realized, I love my dad, but I also love equal rights for . So why not give my dad the best Father’s Day gift of all: methodically breaking down the patriarchy.”

“It’s 2018, so the only ‘tie’ my dad is going to get is me cutting the ‘ties’ with oppressive notions against women,” Trent added.

While Julia’s father, Marcus Trent, stands by his claim that, “Being with his family is gift enough”, he is happy that his daughter is taking initiative by giving him and the world a present they “could actually use”; as opposed to just, “buying him special tongs for his barbecue”.

Though Trent’s tactics may seem like a lot of work for one day of the year, Women’s Studies professor of University of Waterloo, Tracy Manderson, explains the importance behind Julia’s actions. “It is important for young women to show their strength all days of the year. However, it is disconcerting that once again a woman has to do all the work, considering that Julia’s brother Damon is just going to sign the card.”

Trent confirms, “Right now, I’ve started Father’s Day early by telling the men in my life that they are allowed to be emotional. But on Sunday I’m going to kick it up a notch by challenging traditional gender roles and asking more of the media and how women are represented. Like, ‘Oceans 8’ is pretty cool but it wasn’t even directed by a woman. Stop trying to trick us!”

As of press time the patriarchy is still intact, but progress is happening with the result of Trent’s father Marcus feeling his feelings and crying in public after realizing they still had to go to Jack Astor’s.

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