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New ‘Screemers’ haunted house features men explaining politics to women

TORONTO – Celebrating its 25th anniversary, popular horror entertainment company Screemers is adding a new attraction to their seven classic haunts, where guests are forced to endure a series of white, straight, cis-gender men explaining basic political concepts to women in ‘The Mansplaining Mansion.’

“I’ve been doing this job a long time, and it’s all about timing,” said Justin Ferry, an actor and professional haunter who says this has been one of his most terrifying roles to date. “The trick is to wait just long enough, really build the tension so they think you’re listening to them, and then bam, you interrupt them and explain how the House of Commons works.”

“I’ve played chainsaw wielding maniacs, crazy surgeons, you name it. But the look of fear in a woman’s eyes when I start needlessly explaining the first-past-the-post electoral system? That’s real terror,” he added.

Horror aficionados have taken to the new attraction, sometimes visiting multiple times.

“It was terrifying. I just kept screaming ‘I already know these things. I have a degree in Political Science!’ But he wouldn’t stop,” said Jasmin Hall, a long time Screemers attendee. “At one point, they forced me to eat dinner with a guy who explained the word ‘prorogue’. He explained it incorrectly. I’m still having nightmares.”

Haunt designer, Max Adler, is very pleased with the reaction. “Our only regret is that we didn’t build more emergency exits. Some of our guests have gotten so upset, they’ve literally broken through solid plaster walls to escape. One woman jumped through a fake window. It’s been a lot of maintenance, so something to know for next year.”

The attraction has been so popular, haunt designers have already begun plans for two new upcoming haunts: “Maze of Misgendering” and “Cavern of Casual Racism.”

Image via Screemers/Pexels
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