Censorship on campus: no university will pay $5000 to listen to Dave’s opinion

has truly gotten out of control- no university campus in the country will allow to come do a highly-paid speaking engagement about his thoughts that he has.

“I have opinions on a variety of topics,” said Dave, who gets his unique perspective from being just a regular guy. “And I think it’s a shame the PC police won’t subsidize me to come say them at a building.”

Universities used to be places that allowed for the free flow of ideas. But now the Regressive Left refuses to pay Dave to speak on campus, simply because he has no background in academia or really anything else.

“It’s smug, Liberal elitism at its worst,” said Dave, which he’s still allowed to do, believe it or not, cuckflakes. “Not offering me a platform and money to come speak really has a chilling effect on my .”

And even worse, left-wing outrage is starting to spread outside the university campus. Other places which won’t pay Dave to speak include maternity wards, the ocean, and the place where is buried.


If this keeps up, we may find ourselves living in a world where only Dave and his twitter bot followers get to know all of Dave’s various thoughts.

And that’s bad for maybe?

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