Thrifty women organize swap meet to trade unwanted male advice

MONTREAL – Dozens of thrifty gathered for a swap meet this afternoon, to trade garbage bags full of unwanted male advice each had accumulated over the years.

The women met early at a popular local park, dividing the piles into categories like ‘dietary,’ ‘bike-related,’ and ‘ more.’

Sue Murray, 28, was eager to get rid of a collection she calls ‘The October Lectures,’ consisting of three hour-long speeches given to her by a fellow musician after she’d landed a major gig.

The thesis of the lectures, according to Murray, was ‘Bring your A-Game, some things will work out and some things won’t, just try to take it all in.’ She traded the advice to racecar driver Amber Cole, for Cole’s surplus of male pointers on driving stick.

To make the most of patio season, Veronica Eileen, 32, traded the time her ex told her to get tested for dyslexia, for some unidentified and very general knowledge she found near the courts.

“I got the idea when I asked my to use his calculator,” said meet-organizer, Alia Navarro, 44. “And he spent so long going over what the buttons were, that I just learned to multiply large numbers in my head.”

Nearing the end of the day, the piles of unwanted advice only increased as men walked by and suggested the ladies be less sensitive.

The women left after receiving tickets for littering that the officer suggested they pay for in cash.

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