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Brad Wall finishes ten year sentence as Saskatchewan Premier

REGINA – has completed his sentence as Saskatchewan Premier and is set to be released on parole in November.

“I’ve made mistakes,” said a heavily tattooed Wall while exhaling a cigarette in the prison exercise yard. “But I’m happy to get out of this shitty place. I’ve paid my debt to society.”

Wall, who was first incarcerated as the province’s leader in a brutal 2007 election, was the leader of a notorious parliamentary gang known as the .

Inmates loyal to the man – often referred to as ‘Oily’ – spoke highly of their premier and his achievements while he served time.

“Oily was in the business of the white stuff [potash] even from the inside of the Leg,” explained Bill ‘Billy Boy’ Boyd, one of Wall’s enforcers. “But you never wanted to cross him; he would cut you and your taxes.”

Wall refused to give up any dominance in the Legislative Penitentiary. In 2016, he hospitalized rival gang leader Cam Broten, and is believed to be responsible for the political disappearance of NDP strongman Dwain Lingenfelter in 2011 after he called Wall a ‘goof’ during a debate.

Upon his release, Wall will be joining the ranks of Saskatchewan’s sweltering unemployed while seeking a job that will allow him to destroy the province’s environment from the private sector.