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Evidence piling up gender neutral bathroom actually broom closet

TORONTO — Patrons of Toronto’s Tito’s Tacqueria say it’s becoming increasingly clear that the establishment’s is actually a repurposed broom closet.

“There is, like, a receptacle to pee in,” explained neighbourhood local Devon Stanport, “but there’s also a lot of old light bulbs and jugs of bleach…”

Stanport says his suspicions were aroused when he saw the gender neutral toilet being used in the kitchen as a mop bucket.

“I mean, it just seems like a gender neutral bathroom shouldn’t have quite so many servers bursting in looking for condiment refills,” Stanport offered.

When asked about the bathroom, restaurant owner Tito Cassano “I was excited to bring Tito’s into the modern era, and even more excited when I found a solution that allows me to build my new deck this summer.”

At press time, several locals had called in to complain about the gym mat being used out front as an accessibility ramp.

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