Yukon's Sourdough-Rendezvous Festival to end with a traditional territory-wide power outage - The Beaverton

Yukon’s Sourdough-Rendezvous Festival to end with a traditional territory-wide power outage

WHITEHORSE – Energy has announced it will be celebrating the end of the with a customary event.

On Sunday, the Sourdough-Rendezvous Queen is expected disconnect thousands of residents from the essential service in the First Annual Pull the Plug Ceremony. The blackout is expected to last at least two hours while spokespersons from electric companies will participate in a scavenger hunt to find the ‘excuse’ for the outage. Meanwhile, customers will place bets on when the power will be restored as they search in the darkness for candles and headlamps.

“Whether its axe-throwing, dog-sledding, or not having a reliable source of electricity, they’re all proud Yukon traditions,” explained a Yukon Energy representative. “We have to remember that our ancestors never had electricity, just like us for a few hours last week.

We expect 100% of our grid customers to participate in this event. It’s fun for the entire family!”

The new event is expected to take place right after the bear wrestling competition where Premier Sandy Silver will take on a 900 pound grizzly.

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