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Planet Earth II bonus footage includes 17 hours of animals shitting

UNITED KINGDOM – Following the highly successful premiere of II, the producers of the documentary have released 20 hours of additional footage, a full 17 of which show animals shitting.

“Whether it’s in the desert, the depths of the ocean, or the highest mountain peaks, there are animals everywhere,” said executive producer Vanessa Berlowitz. “And they are all shitting. Constantly.”

The 17 carefully curated hours of 4K footage includes sweeping panoramas, immaculate close-ups, and breathtaking timelapse all centered around animals evacuating their bowels. However, producers have indicated that there is even more bonus footage that could see a later release.

“Planet Earth II was compiled from over 6,000 hours of raw footage, 90% of which was just non-stop feces,” said Berlowitz. “Honestly, it’s harder to film an animal that isn’t taking a dump. We even had to photoshop that scene with the iguana running from the snakes because the lizard was fear-crapping the whole freaking time.”

Planet Earth II’s film crews travelled around the world to capture the unique turds of rare birds, reptiles, and mammals, going as far as a volcanic island in the Antarctic to witness the unique pooping techniques of the chinstrap penguin.

“We even managed to capture the first ever footage of a plant dropping a deuce,” said Sir . “Truly, we have only begun to document the glories of nature.”

The producers say they also have 28 hours of footage of animals sucking and fucking, which will be released later this year as Planet Earth: After Dark.

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