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Mitch McConnell Congressmansplains arcane senate rules to Elizabeth Warren

WASHINGTON D.C. – One day after Senate Majority Leader stunned Democrats when he interrupted Massachusetts Senator ’s speech about ’ past and ushered her off the floor for speaking out of turn, Republicans Senators were continuing to congressmansplain how the Senate was supposed to work.

“Um actually, it’s not proper protocol to speak about another Senator like that,” said McConell. “You see we in the Senate have rules. And we have to follow those rules. Do you understand?”

“Do you even understand how legislative bodies work dear?” he added.

Despite the fact that Warren was reading past statements about Sessions made by Ted Kennedy and Corretta Scott King, which had previously been spoken on the Senate floor, the GOP voted to have her put in her place, just a few feet outside the chamber doors. McConnell insisted his Democratic nemesis had violated the upper house’s rules of decorum, which the 115th is so famous for.

McConnell defended his invoking of the little-used Rule 19, which he interprets as “anyone impugning a sitting Senator based on their feminist bias, East coast elitism, or because it’s that time of the month, or something.”

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