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Local Man aghast Popeyes doesn’t serve spinach

EDMONTON, AB – Hoping to emulate the healthy diet of the classic cartoon character, local man, Howard Morovitz, 38, attempted to order at restaurant chain , and was appalled that the menu offerings were mainly several variations of .

“How can you name your restaurant after famed animated spinach eater, the sailor man, and not have any spinach on the menu?” said Morovitz.

“I’m on a cleanse right now and I can only eat greens. I’m starving and all that’s around was this Popeyes Kitchen. Are you trying to tell me that there is no spinach in Louisiana? If so, why don’t they get some? What’s wrong with them?!”

A spokeswoman for the restaurant explained that the restaurant chain has no affiliation with the cartoon character, but noted this incident was – to her knowledge – the first time anyone has ever come into a Popeyes restaurant and asked for a vegetable of any kind, adding, “[Popeyes] is typically just decoration.”

At press time, the Vatican’s multimillion dollar endowment fund has purchased shares in a restaurant chain they believe to be called “Pope Yes.”