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Local cuck happily married

– Despite reports confirming that local librarian Richard Gordon is a complete beta , further evidence has recently emerged that he is in a and healthy of several years with a woman named Michelle.

“It’s baffled the whole team,” explained Dr. Alan Balden, Chief Alpha Researcher at the Manitoba Power Male Institute. “He quotes environmentalist articles, he does things like listen to women, and he volunteers at a shelter. He’s even unthreatened by polyamory! He displays at least 88% cuck behaviour. Yet the data also irrefutably suggests that he is in a comfortable, confident relationship.”

For years the MPMI has prided itself on their ability to detect and reveal cucks, white knights, SJWs, and beta males worldwide. Before encountering Gordon, all research had confirmed that aggressive, loud men were superior, and that being rude, mean, and violent were the most efficient traits used to find dates.

“But the Richard Gordon Discovery, as we’re calling it,” continued Balden. “It could blow all of our theories wide open. This is the biggest thing to happen to our field of study since The Game.”

The Institute has dedicated a number of its resources to tracking Gordon. They have begun to study the effects of “friend-zoning” on Gordon, and have found that he did in fact have several female friends with whom he shared mutual values and interests. Teams were further baffled after Gordon showed no response to the effect of “red pills”, and that he “did not wake up to the obvious fact that society discriminates against men and not women”.

Others in the Alpha Research community refute the Institute’s findings, suggesting that those who made the discovery are a potential bunch of cucks themselves: “Real men know how to neg the evidence, to bully it until it resembles what they want to hear,” explains Dr. Chad Helfer.

Gordon was unavailable for comment, as he was busy living a productive life.

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