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Quiz: Are you an alcoholic or a real fun party dude?

Alcoholism is a terrible disease that destroys families and kills millions every year. Take this quiz to find out if you are an alcoholic or a real fun party dude.

1. Have you ever felt that drinking hurt your career?
A) Yes. One time at a work dinner I ordered red wine and then ordered fish. I looked like a complete idiot and that’s why I didn’t get the McCenner account.
B) No, I like working as a cashier at the beer store and never had any intention of moving up.
C) Drinking is my career brah. That and working the Grill at O’Flannagans Pub.
2. Does drinking have a negative effect on your health?
A) Yes, sometimes after having a drink I feel slightly thirsty and have to drink more water.
B) No, there is no way to prove a causal relationship between my drinking and my liver cirrhosis.
C) It helps my health. It’s the only thing that stops the shaking.
3. Do you need drinking to be social?
A) Yes, at my cousin's wedding I had almost two glasses of champagne.
B) No, I prefer to drink alone.
C) I can do cocaine when I’m watching my figure.
4. Do you ever hide your drinking from friends and family?
A) Yes, once when I was 15 I lied about having a beer at Mike Satowski’s. I felt so guilty I stopped drinking for 17 years only to take it up again at my cousin’s wedding.
B) No, Why would I? I don’t have a problem no matter how many interventions those idiots hold.
C) Believe me, I don’t shut the fuck up about how much I drank, what I drank and what I’m going to drink. For example December 3rd: Milestones. 3 beers 2 shots. I’m gonna finish the night off with a jumbo Mudslide.
5. Do you often want to continue drinking after your friends say they’ve had enough?
A) Yes, I was getting ice cream with my wife. She ordered choc mint but I got rum and raisin like the sick addict I am.
B) No, people who tell you you’ve had enough aren’t your friends.
C) It’s my whole identity
Quiz: Are you an alcoholic or a real fun party dude?
You’re a real fun party dude!
You’re the life of the party. The fun, out there person who's always ready to go to town on a keg. Stay radical!


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