Startupfest keynote cancelled after 14 Segway pile-up - The Beaverton

Startupfest keynote cancelled after 14 Segway pile-up

MONTREAL — Startupfest’s keynote speaker Phil Bevan has cancelled his forthcoming conference presentation due to minor injuries sustained in a multiple-Segway collision today.

Eyewitnesses say that Bevan was on his way to the Vertical Convergence Tent for a refreshing beige meal replacement beverage when he lost control of his Segway and began spinning out wildly.

“The tires went up in flames almost immediately” one bystander reported. Some witnesses believe a mechanical malfunction caused the entrepreneur to collide with 13 other Startupfest speakers on , while others wondered if his headset was to blame.

None of the 14 festival-goers involved in the accident sustained serious injuries—although minor bruising and tangled lanyards were reported.