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Don Cherry’s personal support worker to host Hockey Night in Canada

TORONTO – ’s personal care worker has learned that he will be the host of replacing .

The support worker, simply known as “Ron”, has been helping the legendary Canadian hockey commentator for the past 30 years with feeding, administering medications, and guiding him away from conversations about Quebec, women, Russians, or hockey visors on live television.

“Working with Don has been challenging at time, but it’s rewarding knowing that he’s living a full and happy life,” explained Ron about his client. “I made sure that Mr. Cherry has always been on time for commercial segments, keeps yelling to a minimum if possible, and pronounce last names of players the best he can.

“I also help him remember which foreign-born players he hates,” he added.

Despite the challenges, Ron has enjoyed getting to know the Coach’s Corner firebrand’s interests and developed a personal care plan based on his need to infuse everything he speaks about with Canadian jingoism.

“We had many laughs together like the time I caught him putting hockey pucks in the fridge or the time he imagined that it was 1974 and permanent brain damage wasn’t caused by blows to the head,” Ron fondly reflected.

To commemorate their time together, Ron kindly purchased Don a “Support Our Troops” baseball cap, which Don has already placed in the refrigerator.

According to sources, George Stroumboulopoulos will replace as host of The National while Mansbridge will replace Shad on CBC Radio’s q while Shad will replace Ashley Brauweiler as CBC’s Yellowknife’s meteorologist.