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Local startup hopes foosball table will distract employees from lack of benefits

VANCOUVER — Local CompuComp recently acquired a large table for its office break room in the hopes that it would distract employees from the lack of benefits, adequate compensation, or guarantee of stable employment at the company.

The startup, which develops software for social media marketing, employs 15 people, none of whom are salaried employees.

When interviewed about the new addition to the break room, employees of the start up were effusive about the company’s commitment to a “fun, chill” work environment. “I’ve been working here for three years as an independent contractor and still haven’t been hired full-time. I asked my boss about it and he told me to go look in my office. There was a mini-fridge full of beer set up right next to my desk! I was like ‘WHAT! I love working at this place!’ ” explained Jeff Chow, a programmer who often works upwards of 50 hours a week at the company.

Marigold Stanley, an HR representative, gave her perspective on the matter: “I’ve been paid entirely in equity for the 8 months that I’ve worked here, but it’s worth it to have a boss who wears hoodies and sneakers to the office. He’s so laid back. It’s like, he doesn’t even care if anyone makes any money. We’re all just hanging out!”

Mother of two and director of marketing Alia Bhat explained that the “relaxed vibe” in the office more than compensates for the lack of a medical plan. “Health insurance? No, we don’t have that. But it’s okay, because I get to bring my daughter into work with me every day!” explained Bhat. “Well, actually, I have to bring my daughter to work because my partner works full-time and I can’t afford daycare. But do you get to play Mario Kart on your work breaks?”

At press time, the founders of the startup had announced that their venture had folded and that they were moving on to develop a new app that curates pictures of large dogs in tiny hats.