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Election Profile: Green Party Platform

While it might be more than a long shot at winning, the is running a full slate of candidates. Here’s what a Green Party would do as your government:

Key Beliefs

Not a one issue party; the environment is in everywhere.

How they intend to win

will visit every riding in Canada driving her 1979 Westfalia powered by hope and recycled grease

Banking on BC’s under-40 retirees remembering to vote

Specific Policies

Environmental Plan: Combat decreasing bee population by putting hive inside every Canadian home

Kale chips for all!

Conservation: Limit Canadians water consumption to two glasses a day

Health: Increase access to local food to keep Canadians smug and constipation-free

Agriculture: Obligatory labour for all Canadians at collective organic eggplant farm on Vancouver Island

Governance: Reduce number of federal departments to Wind, Fire, Water and Earth

Plans for the Future

Recycle platform for next election