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Republicans looking forward to using less racism, more sexism

WASHINGTON D.C. – In the wake of ’s announcement that she will be running for President of the United States of America, many Republicans are relieved that they will be able to stop using some of the racist rhetoric used to attack President , and make the switch to overtly sexist remarks in order to appeal to their primary voting base.

“Hillary Clinton officially running is a breath of fresh air,” said RNC deputy vice-chair Robert Gilligan.

“For almost eight years now we’ve had to rely on thinly veiled questions about Obama’s citizenship and him “being different” than the average American. Now we can look forward to finally switching gears with thinly veiled questions about the time of the month or her “emotional state.”

On Twitter, many Republican voters have consistently attacked President Obama for years, making full use of America’s free speech by employing words like “monkey”, “coon” all the way to “ni**er”. With Clinton’s announcement, the base has shifted the public discourse online to include words like “Ice Queen” “Crazy Bitch” all the way to “C*nt.”

Gilligan went on to say that there is a legitimate question of whether or not Hillary Clinton “has the stones” to be America’s Commander-in-chief.

“Would you want Hillary Clinton answering that call at 3:00am? Will she be able to handle it or will she have a headache?”

At press time, Republican voters who once asked Obama to release his birth certificate were busy embracing Canadian-born .