Stonemill Bakery's 'Bread for Women' same as man bread, but with 30% less dough - The Beaverton

Stonemill Bakery’s ‘Bread for Women’ same as man bread, but with 30% less dough

SCARBOROUGH – An independent investigation has found that Scarborough-based Stonemill ’s new ‘Women’s Wellness’ pre-packaged bread is identical to the men’s variety, but made from only 70% of the dough.

“We believe that our bread is uniquely suited to female nutritional needs,” Stonemill spokesperson Austin Groose-Lesley announced in a press release yesterday. When pressed on the issue of the reduced dough, Groose-Lesley claimed, “Our market research shows that women often choose breads with less dough. We’re just giving them what they want.”

Women’s Wellness bread retails at the same price as Men’s Wellness bread despite the reduced dough quantity, but Stonemill claims that the attractive pink label more than makes up for the increase in relative cost.

The investigation then went on to demonstrate that men who buy ‘Women’s Wellness’ bread for the women in their lives were more than 75% more likely to be denied requests for a sandwich.

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